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Fics: Band!AU

Title: Bass Porn
Characters: Tim Drake, Dick Grayson
Warning/Rating: PG/Dick being suggestive, as if that's not how he always acts.
Notes: Band!AU. This can go wherever you want it to really, probably sometime after they just started touring.

Tim runs his hands along the body of the bass, feeling the smooth surface. It's the same red as his costume, and when he turns it over he can trace the tiny Robin style R that Dick had engraved in it.

He plucks gently at the strings, the deep notes reverberating through him even without an amplifier. He tunes it carefully, checking the notes by ear and making sure it's just right.

He's almost surprised by how quickly he's taken to the instrument. He already knew how to play the piano, his parents had thought it was a necessary part of growing up 'cultured' and while he had liked the music, he'd never felt any sort of connection to the piano.

But as soon as Dick had handed him the bass he'd fallen in love. The neck fits perfectly in his hand, and while he has to stretch a little to reach all the strings, the slight discomfort is more than made up for by the way it echoes through his chest when he plays.

"Hey babybird," A voice breaks through Tim's thoughts, and he looks up to see Dick leaning against the wall, watching him.

Tim smiles shyly and places the bass down next to him, nervous under Dick's gaze.

"You don't have to stop, I was hoping you might play me something," Dick says, walking over to sit down beside Tim.

"I'm not very good," Tim blushes, suddenly feeling stupid for his earlier pride over the instrument.

"You're wonderful Tim, I've heard you play myself," Dick reassures him, and then leans in close to whisper, "I know you have the hands for it."

Tim blushes even harder, and his eyes fall to where Dick's hand is now resting on his own, their fingers entwined together.

Dick brings up their hands to his mouth, and gently kisses the calluses starting to form on Tim's fingers. Then he kisses Tim's wrist and rests Tim's hand over the bass.

"Play something for me little brother," Dick asks, and Tim is powerless to resist.

He picks up the bass, and with careful attention adjusts it so it's sitting just right. He smiles nervously at Dick.

"It's called Gotham's Shadow," he tells him.

And starts to play.

Title: Old Wounds
Characters: The Robins (band)
Warning/Rating: PG/angst.
Notes: Band!AU. Takes place before Repairs and Re-plans. The "she" Steph refers to is the kid she gave away, and you don't get to find out how Steph knows it's a girl, just pretend Tim told her or something.

"Steph?" Tim asked as he looked out onto the empty stage.

Steph was standing alone with her violin hanging loosely in her hand. The stage was set up for their supporting band, and a Baby Grand piano was sitting in the centre of the stage, Tim made his way towards it, and sat down on the stool.

Steph turned to him and smiled, but her cheeks were streaked with tears.

"Oh Steph," Tim said softly.

"She'd be two now," Steph replied.

She tilted her head back and took in a shuddering breath to steady herself, and then she tucked the violin under her chin.

She touched the bow lightly to the strings and looked to Tim. He smiled and placed his hands on the piano, finding the chords he needed.

He started playing softly, a low melancholy song and Steph picked up the rhythm easily, despite the fact she'd only recently started learning the violin.

The song wasn't anything they had played before, or anything they had written, it was just Tim observing Steph's mood and turning it into music.

Steph was swaying with the beat, her knuckles white where she gripped the neck of the violin. She was humming along with the music, and Tim found himself humming along, slowly increasing the tempo of the song.

His fingers sped up, and Steph moved with him, her movements growing sharp and frantic as she scraped her bow across the strings. She danced around the stage in little half steps, her body arched back and her eyes squeezed shut.

Tim could see tears brimming in the corner of her eyes as her playing increased in intensity. She ran the bow along the strings, until, with a sharp stroke, three of the strings snapped.

Steph fell to her knees and clutched her hand to her chest. Tim knocked the stool over as he ran to her and gathered her in his arms. He gently took her hand in his and uncurled it, inspecting the deep cuts that the lashing strings had made. Tim grabbed the sleeve of his shirt and tore it off. He wrapped the fabric around Steph's hand to stem the bleeding.

She looked at him with bright, wide eyes and he kissed her hands and wrists. Then he held her face in his hands and peppered kisses across her cheeks and brow. She sobbed and pulled away, then leaned forward to bury her face in Tim's shirt.

"Tim? Steph?" Dick called from the side of the stage.

Tim looked up to see Dick watching them with his arms wrapped tightly around himself. Tim nodded to him and he approached them, crouching down so he could hold both Tim and Steph in his arms.

They sat together for a few minutes, the silence broken by Steph's broken sobs. Eventually she stopped crying, and Dick was the first to stand.

He pulled Steph up and then picked her up in a princess carry. She tucked her head against his shoulder and held onto him tightly. Dick headed back to their dressing room and Tim followed behind.

When they reached the room, Jason opened the door and his eyes widened in fear as soon as he saw Steph.

"Is she okay?" He asked, reaching out to take her from Dick.

Dick handed her over with a soft smile, "She will be."

Jason took Steph to one of the couches in their dressing room, Damian was curled up asleep on it, but Jason nudged him with his foot until he woke up.

"What happened?" Damian asked blearily as he rubbed at his eyes, then he frowned as he saw Steph.

He reached out for her and pressed his palm to her cheek, she turned to him and smiled at him despite her red-rimmed eyes. Damian scrambled up onto the back of the couch and motioned for Jason to put Steph down.

Steph curled up in on herself when she was laid down, and Tim sat next to her and then laid down beside her, shifting them both around so that they were as comfortable as possible. Steph relaxed a little and allowed Tim to hold her.

Damian bent down to brush the hair off Steph's face and she reached up to grab his hand. He watched her with intent eyes, as if he was searching for something. When she squeezed his hand he smiled at her and then flipped off the couch and disappeared out the door.

Jason knelt down beside the couch and pressed a kiss to Steph's hair, and then followed Damian out the door.

Dick remained for a few minutes, watching as Steph and Tim entwined themselves around each other. He moved to stand by the side of the couch, and both Steph and Tim turned to face him.

He leaned down and kissed Steph softly on the lips, she responded by stretching up to him and kissing him back. She sighed when he pulled away. He moved to Tim next, and kissed him more passionately, licking into Tim's mouth and kissing until he was breathless.

When he moved back he saw Steph watching them and he winked at her.

She chuckled briefly before sighing again and curling back up with Tim. With a final kiss on Tim's lips, Dick left them alone.

Tim let Steph wrap her arms around him and press against him. He moved his hand to gently stroke her hair as exhaustion over took her and he felt her breathing even out and she drifted to sleep.

Tim stayed awake to watch over her.

Title: The Last Cookie
Characters: Steph Brown, Timothy Drake, Damian Wayne
Warning/Rating: PG
Notes: Band!AU. Set after The Movie

Tim and Steph eyed the last cookie. Then they eyed each other. Steph bit her lip and leaned forward in her chair a little, but before she had even made a move Tim's hand had snaked forward and snatched the cookie off the plate.

Steph growled and tried to reach across the table and grab Tim; he leaned back on his chair though, keeping out of her reach.

"Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne you hand over that cookie right this second or I will call Babs and make sure that video is online before you can even blink," Steph threatened.

Tim froze. She didn't even need to say what video, even months after they'd first discovered what Barbara had done, it was still a viable threat in the house.

"You wouldn't." Tim challenged.

Steph smiled sweetly, "Oh but I would."

"You would what?" Damian asked as he walked into the kitchen. He eyed the scene and rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Make sure the world gets to see the lovely little video Babs made," Steph explained without taking her eyes off Tim.

"What video... Oh." Damian paused then shrugged, "I posted that weeks ago after Dick hid my throwing knives."

Damian picked up an apple and walked out of the room, munching away thoughtfully.

Tim fell off his chair.

Steph stole the cookie.


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Apr. 9th, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
Don't know if I commented on these the first time you posted them, but these are wonderful. Love Tim playing for Dick and Damian posting that video is just too funny. :) And poor Steph, love how she's taken care of .
Apr. 10th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
I think you had commented on them the first time but thank you for the lovely words a second time :)
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